Custom furnitures

Marquetry furnitures and carvings

The high benefits of an unique made furniture are over the high quality produce that it fully acts on Your home during its material, design and shape. The unique made furniture gives space to take into effect our own projection, and doesn’t need any trade-off in case of funktion. The unique made furniture lais emphasis in individuality, the unique plan makes creativity. So You’re able to plan the furnitures trimmings, marquetry inlays and carvings.

The more higher lifetime and qualitiy are also the unique made furnitures benefits, becouse they are made from picked materials with good quality, by careful specialsts. Marquetry inlays and carvings grain even more ground on modern furnitures, we can give a fancier design to the furniture. We can change the carved furnitures by classic, or modern carvings. We can choose the finishing of the furniture by our own like, it can be oiled, varnished, or handmade varnished. In case of varnis there is matt, satin or high gloss effect. The furniture can be produced from solid wood as well as engineered.

We are working on such a case and art, that is permanent not only in todays aspect, but can be carried on by those who come after us. Marquetry is an ancient craft, our aim is to give place again for this wonderfull profession. Preserving the traditional techniques, we fit to modern pretensions, and prepare individual, modern furnitures and marquetry wall images by hand. The main subject and the style of these art pieces can be very varied (philosophy, architecture, music, dance, painting, travelling, fantasy, nature, history etc.). From classic to mondern any idea is feasible.

Marquetry furnitures are the pearls of individually designed furnitures. Special moods and styles can be displayed by marquetry, which lend unique character to the furniture and the interior as well. Any shapes can be equipped with marquetry without forcing the designer to make a compromise. Every style or each trend has its own tipical intarsia motifs, applied on furnitures they are great as an accessory to bring unique charm to the room, office or store. Against the large-scale industrial production of furniture experienced in national, or international level intarsia technique is a handmade art that can not be mechanized. Probably this explains why today the more we admire the masterpieces of this ancient craft.

Considering strongly to the demands of our customers we select the valuable timbers and veneers ourselves for manufacturing the intarsia furnitures. We take care of the harmony of the colours of different materials, as handles, door hinges and other accessories, trying to reach the best outcome (result).

We can decorate chairs, tables, sofas, chest of drawers with intarsia. It can be used on larger surfaced furnitures, cabinets, built-in storages as well. The marquetry furnitures functioning perfectly in any room of course, showing beautifully in kitchens, living rooms or hallways as well.

Our joinery workhouse has 10 years of high experiences. This time and the strength of this time helped us to be able to produce the furnitures fully act to their funktion. In accordance to furnitures and other decorator designed articles for personal use is our most important respect to show the true design to the interoir shows total harmony.

Make your everyday life more beautiful! Raise the beauty of your home with intarsia furnitures. Arrange your livingroom, kitchen or even the entire house with elegant custom designed furnitures, and enjoy the calm and peaceful atmosphere together with your loved ones!

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