Wood inlay floor medallion

The marquetry medallions are the jewelry of our quality floorings, which can re-shape and make any interior ambience unique. Depending on thier size these wood floor medallions can be a dominant element of small or large rooms as well. These beautiful parquet floorings are built up from different colours of timbers in all cross-section, these are compositions, where the elements form non-figurative or specific patterns, images. The wood inlay technic offers many opportunities, it is possible to prepare a medallion after a photo, as an image, a logo or a crest. The possibilities are endless, only the imagination is the limit. The art of intarsia can appear in modern interiors as well, as wood inlay medallions can be implemented retrofitted during renovation.

Wood inlay floor medallions are made in different sizes for 80 to 170 cms in diameter, but also can be enlarged up to a room-size as well.  The material is solid wood in 10 or 22 mms thickness. There are traditional, layered structures, in any shapes you may choose from rounded, oval, or polygon ones. The multilayer medallion is suitable for underfloor heating.

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Marquetry medallion patterns

The primary function of a wood floor medallion is to change the integrity (appearance) of a homogenous or a continously repeating pattern of the parquet, this way making it exclusive.

The pictures below show some medallions. Of course most of the custom inlaid medallions are single and individually manufactured, based on the customers plans or needs, with an artistically executed implementation.



Give in to the temptation! Get a surprise for yourself by choosing a wood floor medallion for your living room that can be implemented in any existing wooden flooring, and enjoy the cozy warmth of your home with your family.

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