Our company has experience of more than two decades in installation, production and sales of classic parquet, flooring and wood inlay parquets. We proudly can tell that till now we made the installation of more than 2 million squaremeters, what means really serious quantity. We were able to reach this high number by the precise and exact service of our customers’ needs. The choice of parquet and flooring is for long term period, so we are also thinking in long perspectives. We belive that the success of KM Par-Ker Ltd. lays on long term satisfaction, what we can reach by understanding the needs, and fulfilling them totally.

Our goal is to make you be one of our satisfied customers, for who we made the below mentioned jobs for. Please check our references!

Castles – Hotels


Private apartments – Residences


Rooms – Dining rooms – Living rooms


Unique surface finished with coloured oil