Wood inlay floor

The wooden intarsia parquet offers an opportunity to give natural elegancy to your home in the spirit of creativity. The wood inlay floor is not showing only the old times’ atmosphere, but capable to develope modern times’ clear forms as well. Up to the trend this type of flooring reflects to special, complex patterns or just the opposite of it. You can find simple, pure and clear geometrical lines as the trend changes.

The pattern is built up from one or more timber that differs in color from the basic’s shade. Sometimes the pattern is created from only one timber, when the design appears by using the grain-structure differences. As the grain-lines direction turn the drawing comes to life on the surface. Marquetry parquet is a perfect choice for those who wish to give an artistic and unique look to their homes.

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From modern apartments through older bourgeois houses until the outstanding decorated monument floorings, the wood inlay floors reify the highest level of coverings everywhere. Due to our improved manufacturing technologies, today’s stylish simple shapes can be realized at an affordable price in excellent quality.

Many of us may think about museums and castles when talking about inlaid floors, and would hardly believe to have thier own “castle”. These custom made luxury wood floorings are made of solid wood, with thicknesses between 10 and 22 mms. These warm floorings are usually created by the wish to leave it for our children, and grandchildren not for ourselves only, as they last for 100-150 years. We produce multiply inlay parquets too for those who would like to combine their beautiful parquet flooring with the advantages of underfloor heating.

Through the decades of quality flooring implementation works we regularly meet such situations that require high-skilled solutions, with the outcomes of something that stands on the boundaries of art and craft. We create real artistic value when we construct a unique parquet. Our company is working in a small segment of the market, fulfilling the special needs of our clients who strive to provide custom flooring for their houses, apartments. We offer premium class products for those who are interested in a demanding interior without compromises, not satisfied with formulaic solutions, and accept only uniqueness and high quality.

We can increase the diversity of the wooden inlay floors by using more species of timber. The different colours of each wood species are used to give an exclusive appearance for these custom inlay floorings.

Sample selection

The inlaid flooring patterns on this page give you a preview of our range. The possibilities of varieties of multi-coloured parquet are limited by the customers’ imaginations.




We can intensify the look of our unique paquet by using the right finishing. By this we not just mean varnish and oil, but the different colouring methods, with what we can get custom made colour effects for the parquets made of one wood specie.

Unique surface finished with coloured oil


Custom made parquet finished with high gloss lacquer


Conjure up an exclusive atmosphere to your home with inlaid floors!

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