Marquetry artworks

Our unique souvenirs are made from real wood by marquetry handmade technic. You can find real hand made wooden wall pictures, containers, marquetry boxes, wood inlay tables and tools wich are not only enchanting the interior, but are functioning perfectly as well. Marquetry pictures are not only decorative items but the art itself. It creates a natural mood in the interior with its custom created mood and special style, transmits warmth by the inimitable beauty of real wood.  Due to the use of traditional handmade cutting technics -by applying real wood veneers most commonly- photograph or painting detailed images can be prepared. The endless variety of colours and grain-structures of the timbers give numberless opportunities for the artists, ensuring individuality and unrepeatable look for each custom made creation.

Besides of the production of marquetry parquets the management of our company is dedicated to represent and keep alive the art of marquetry craft in Hungary, as the founder of the National Organization of Marquetry Manufacturers. Seeing the decay of this once noble art our company was not satisfied with the foundation of the above mentioned  organization, and the supporting of the artists. We formed our own workshop, where we work with the help of experts qualified by the rare old masters, and learn  autodidact way as well. There is much need for this, as today the professional training is unsolved, none of the schools teach the depths of this profession, the wood inlay art for a few years in our country.
Three or four marquetry artists prepare thier hand made masterpieces in our workshop, that are manufactured by the old traditional way that is slowly fading away, with handmade drawing, cutting, burning and matching.

Our marquetry pictures are not painted, different colours and patterns of shape-cutted wood veneers are placed next to each other making the contrast than forms the picture. In preparation we use common wood veneers as well as special root veneers and double-knifed (cutted), and sometimes even coloured materials.

The marquetry picture is a manifestation of the soul, conveys the way of thinking and, the perception of the world of the composer, and sets free on its way of the imagination with a „dismissing nice message”. Our aim is to bring back the magic of marquetry into the homes of the people, to bring back beauty and harmony into everybody’s life.

When you come to visit us, you can not only admire the artistic images, but also insight into the secrets of the workshop, learn about the production processes and wood raw materials. Our workshop is open for all our visitors who are art lovers and hungry for knowledge, where it is also possible to meet with the artists who are willing to answer the questions as well.

Marquetry picture made of two colours, on the basis of a photo

On the basis of a high quality photo we are able to create custom marquetry picture of a person’s portrait by using offset technology. It is a real personalized gift for unique occasions. The choice of two colours –wood species- is optional. This technology can be used also for creating marquetry tables or wood inlay boxes.wood inlay art, portrait 1

It is possible as well to order marquetry picture with high contrast using 3-4 different woodtypes.
Just send your photo and inquiry!wood inlay art, portrait 2

Marquetry box

Video of the process of making a wood inlay picture

Give a bow for the passion of wood inlay art! Find your favorite picture of marquetry, and enrich the beauty of your home with it. If you can not find something suitable, we prepare your vision, dreamed image, based on a photograph, portrait or graphics.

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