Wood inlay floor border

The beautiful custom parquet borders are special accessories, which are implemented as a boundary along nearby the walls as a dividing item, just like the traditional bordering elements. This way we can lend a special elegant look for our high quality flooring, stylish effect can be brought into the traditional parquet as well. We can decorate existing floor coverings with this unique accessory, so the overall appearance of our home will be renewed magically.

The borders are available tipically as straight and corner elements, but there are special curved shapes as well, made of 10 to 22 mms thick solid material. Width varies between 12 and 25 cms, but we satisfy special individual needs in case of demand. These elements are made of different timbers by marquetry technique, in the desired size and shape after technical survey, with the same thickness of the other floor coverings.

The custom made wood floor borders are made of different colours of timbers in full or part thickness. These decorating elements differ from wood inlay parquets only in size and shape, the structure is the same. These everlasting, easy-to-maintain decorative items are used more and more commonly as an accessory for exclusive interiors, where the parquet is framed like an art piece with the wood inlay borders’ impressive atmosphere.

The intarsia border is made in panelled form, constructed together with the parquet flooring. After accurate grinding it is necessary to apply finishing treatment on the whole area, as we talk about unfinished panels. The wood inlay floor borders are structured the same way as the intarsia parquet itself. Solid and multilayer version are both available, the latter is suitable also for underfloor heating.

The border can be very various by pattern, colour or material as well as marquetry parquet itself. The most simple form is the so-called friese, which is composed of one or more different material element in line arranged pattern. It frames the edges or creates an inner pattern to divide the surface.

Wood inlay border patterns

In the gallery you can preview some of the custom made marquetry borders created by our company. The patterns can be custom designed, customers’ ideas can be implemented in every case, wheter it is a modern non-figurative or a classic designed pattern, or it can be synchronized to the pattern of your luxury wood flooring.

Wood inlay corner elements

The most commonly used wood inlay floor borders are following the walls’ lines. As a result, there are turning connecting points after straight elements. The inlay corner elements are used as the solution for making the pattern turn. In this case, the pattern is basically the same, but we can implement a different pattern as well, if we keep the original wood floor border’s basic style.



Highlight the beauty of your flooring by unique wood inlay floor borders and corner items!

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